1/35 Scale Juweela Flexyway 8 flexib

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PLASTER SEGMENT "BONE PLASTER" (continuous segment)

Flexyway offers in model and diorama completely new individual creative possibilities with the look of the prototype and still easy and quick to use. It supports beginners and professionals and only the modeller himself sets the limits ...

Spurillen, holes craters damage, waves in the pavement no problem!


  • 162 individual stones with through joint (with no connection to each other)
  • plastic base makes the flexible segment
  • incl. joint material (easy einzufegen, wetted with fine water mist it gets hard)
  • easy fast to use suitable for beginners and professionals
  • individual creative use
  • Stones can be removed individually
  • real continuous installation (no more approaches visible)
  • Spacers on outer edges of automatically matching joint width when you create additional segments

4:51 6:17 0:20 cm
1.78 0.08 in 2:43

1/35 Scale Juweela Flexyway 8 flexib