Mig Productions FAQ DVD Vol.1 (pigments)

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This is a new DVD produced by Mig Jimenez and is designed to show you step by step instructions on how to use Mig Productions range of pigments.

The DVD includes a small guide book and has a running time of 58 minutes.

The first volume focuses on all the techniques you will need to successful model using pigments. The Mig Pigments have revolutionized modelling during the last few years and may be one of the most important modelling changes for the hobby in the 21st century. Thousands of modellers worldwide now use pigments and this is why the first volume is devoted exclusively to this new medium. Includes how to make rust dust mud ashes smoke fading and more. How to use the popular fixer and the thinner with your pigments. Throughout the 60 minutes of footage you will discover all the secrets of using pigments along with each tip and technique through incredible detail using the best image quality available.

Mig Productions FAQ DVD Vol.1 (pigments)