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1/35 Scale Bricks Mixed Red (approx 500)
1/35 Scale corrugated Iron Sheets (15 Pack) (formerly fiber cement boards often contain asbestos) are a solid part...
1/35 Scale Bricks Mixed terracotta (approx 2000)
1/35 Scale Bricks Mixed terracotta (approx 500)
1/35 Scale Sandbags Pack of 25
1/35 Scale Bricks Dark Red (approx 2000)
These are 1/35th scale plastic model sets that require assembly and painting. They do not contain paints and...
DEBRIS ASSORTMENT BRICK LOOSE AND INDIVIDUALLYDYE GREY (MIX with different colors) Collapses house, then creates lot of dust...
1/35 Scale Bricks Dark terracotta (approx 1000)