1/35 scale Cardboard Boxes - SMALL SET 2

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Product Description 

This collection set contains a total of 32 boxes (18 different designs) and features a few boxes from each of the following products, all printed together on 1 single sheet:

  • 35013 - Cardboard Boxes - water & soda drinks
  • 35057 - Cardboard Boxes - pizza
  • 35058 - Cardboard Boxes - generic
  • 35065 - Cardboard Boxes - electronic devices
  • 35074 - Cardboard Boxes - post & courier services


  • Printed on slightly thickened paper to give you a very realistic appearance
  • Inside of the boxes is printed as well with brown cardboard texture, so the boxes can be displayed opened as well


  • Cut out with a really sharp (preferable new) knife and steel ruler
  • Be sure to cut out the thick white or black lines between the top and bottom flaps as well, it will allow you for a better assembly with cleaner end-result.
    After cutting the entire outline of the box, give 1 cut to the left of the thick line, and 1 cut to the right, then use the tip of your knife and press it where the line is still attached to the box, and swipe the knife sidewards to remove the piece
  • For easier bending, it is recommended that you use a knife + steel ruler to very gently move over the bending lines. Be sure NOT to press too hard as these lines should not be cut. This will result in nice and sharp bends.
  • For colored boxes you can slightly paint the edges in the appropriate color (once you are finished with gluing the box together) to remove the white paper color

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1/35 scale Cardboard Boxes - SMALL SET 2