AKTION WARGAME Magazine - Issue 3. English

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AKtion is a high quality magazine focused on the wargames world. This third issue features the Normandy scenery, something special for enthusiasts of strategy games like Bolt, Flames and many others, but it also includes other very interesting sections for any wargames lover. If war games are your thing, this is, without a doubt, your magazine. The articles are always prepared with the player in mind so that they can have their accessories perfect and ready for battle in an easy and fast way.


  • Sherman
  • Panther A
  • A Normandy House
  • Allied and Axis forces in Normandy
  • Easy way to make a Bocage from France!
  • Coastal defence Bunker
  • Hans & Helmut
  • D-Day
  • SChwere Panzer Kampflaufer IV-A
  • Cosplay market
  • Painting Blood Sister Nyara

AKTION WARGAME Magazine - Issue 3. English