Black Horse Ju-87B2 Stuka WW2 German R/Cplane 50cc ARTF model kit

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After the success of the original Black Horse Stuka, developed at the request of Ripmax, it was only a matter of time before Black Horse brought out a bigger version for the popular 50cc class of petrol engines.

Construction is balsa and ply throughout, built using unique factory jigs and covered in printed vinyl. The cowling is tough but light GRP and easily swallows most engines and their muffler from view.

Just like the smaller version, she has that amazingly scale outline and colour scheme but an even better wing loading, making this model really docile to fly but with real 'presence' in the air. The highly effective flaps and ailerons ensure full control at all speeds yet impart an amazing ability to resist tip stalling. An unexpected trait shared by its smaller sibling.

Inside those huge scale spats is a tough, steel, sprung undercarriage, ideal for soaking up bumps on the typical model flying field. Up in the cockpit there is a detailed instument panel and an authentic looking, hand-painted pilot.

A big model that will bring big smiles to its owner!

Wingspan: 2300mm (90.55")
Length: 1837mm (72.32")
Weight: 8.6-8.8Kg (18.92 - 19.36lbs)
Servos: 8 off 42 x 21mm, 2 off 33 x 17mm
Radio System: 6 Channel minimum (Required)
IC Engine: 45cc to 55cc petrol(OS GT-60 recommended)
Wing Area: 90.2dm2
Wing Loading: 95.34g/dm2
Wing Section: Naca
Carton Size: 1520x560x360mm - 13.0Kg gross weight

Black Horse Ju-87B2 Stuka WW2 German R/Cplane 50cc ARTF model kit