DAMAGED, Worn and Weathered Models Magazine - 06 (English)

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The sixth issue of Damaged magazine brings you no less than eight articles written by some of the best modelers from around the world. George Mefsut, the editor, again invites us to a great journey through different modeling genres and really uncommon subjects: from a steampunk flying apparatus, through both realistic and sci-fi vignettes featuring figures of various civil vehicles, to a diorama inspired by 3D art from the pop-culture dystopia series created by the Czech artist Filip Hodas.

All of this is presented on high quality photos which form step by step guides that explain different building, painting and weathering techniques, including interesting tips and tricks.



€“ Happy Forever
€“ M30
€“ Loot
€“ Citroen 2CV Club
€“ To hot to dig for giants What a bad luck
€“ Danger streets
€“ Icarus

DAMAGED, Worn and Weathered Models Magazine - 06 (English)