DHK Maximus 4WD GP Truck R/C racing car RTR

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Based on the chassis and drive train layout of the Optimus GP, the Maximus GP delivers that 4WD Nitro experience in a different way and style.

All the high durability metal parts are there, just the main drive ratio is changed to suit the bigger wheels. Those large wheels and high-grip spike tyres really bite on the roughest terrain that would tend to ground out a conventional buggy.

Driving a 'Truck' style car is a different experience to a buggy and requires a different technique. But then, that's half the fun!! Learning new skills to go faster is why we race cars and the Optimus GP delivers in terms of handling and speed. Add the smell and noise of nitro power and it is easy to see why it is so addictive!

That class-leading .21, pull-start engine is simple to start and set, although the inexperienced would best enlist the help of their shop for that first start up and setting.

DHK have rigorussly tested the GP cars to ensure that you get performance and reliability from the first run.

Fuel Tank: 150cc
Height: 181mm (7.13")
Length: 497mm (19.57")
Width: 389mm (15.32")
Weight: 3,320g (7.32 lb)
Servos: 9kg Metal Gear BB Steering, 2kg Throt/Brake (Inc.)
Radio System: 2 Channel 2.4GHz (Inc.)
Wheel Base: 330mm (12.98")
IC Engine: .21 Class (3.5cc) (Inc.)
Gear Ratio: 12.51:1
Ground Clearance: 49.8mm (1.96")

DHK Maximus 4WD GP Truck R/C racing car RTR