Udi Breaker 1/16th R/C racing car 4WD truck 2.4GHz w/ESP

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1/16 Full proportion high-performance 4WD racing car, with integrated ESP (Electronic Stability Program) which effectively corrects yaw making it easier to control. It uses a high level of creativity in the design and engineering that unleashed a stunning mix of new technology and new innovation. Combine this with brute strength and an intense, 'take-no-prisoners' attitude and get ready for a whole new level of power, strength, and speed.

Waterproof ESC (with Gyro)
4 channel 2.4GHz integrated receiver with ESC
Waterproof, dustproof design
ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
Low voltage cut-off and thermal overload protection
Brake, BEC, LVC sensitivity, reverse speed, and motor timing settings

Powerful brushed motor

Quality transmitter
Ergonomic steering wheel for precise control
On-the-fly adjustable AVC gain for personalised handling
3 channel radio system
2.4GHz control system
Full-range telemetry capabilities

Height: 100mm
Length: 300mm
Width: 150mm
Weight: 635.5g
Scale: 1:16

Udi Breaker 1/16th R/C racing car 4WD truck 2.4GHz w/ESP